[RDG002] Scenes from the Chilean Andes

Scenes From the Chilean Andes

Prose by Kenneth Araya
Artwork by Studio Monik

Our second book, Scenes from the Chilean Andes, is now on sale. The book contains three short stories and an introduction by Kenneth Araya, together with artwork producted by Studio Monik.

“Inspired by the landscapes of the mountains in which it is set, Scenes from the Chilean Andes is written in carefully crafted prose whose music will transport readers to a world of snow-capped ridges and fertile valleys. Complemented by Studio Monik’s striking artwork, the individual pieces stand out on account of their ability to capture the distinctive scenery present at different latitudes of the cordillera. When taken as a whole however, this collection reveals itself to be a thought-provoking meditation on humankind’s fragile and often abusive relationship with the natural environment, reminding us of the imperative to discover new ways of living together with the Earth in the twenty-first century.”

Limited edition hardback
125 numbered copies

Independently Published - Support Homegrown Culture



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